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Antler Ridge has a simple philosophy: Create the best wines and offer our customers the best experience possible when they visit any one of our stores.

We only use select grapes and fruits and hand pick through all of our grapes and fruits before they go in the tank. If you are ever around when we are harvesting, you will see us carefully choose what goes into our wines. We hand tend to our vines and fruits all year long to help them produce the best each year. The winery is located on our farm and provides the perfect country setting.

When you visit us, you will see our state-of-the-art tank room. Each of our tanks are electronically controlled to maintain our wines at precise temperatures during the various stages of production. White wines are fermented slowly and at cool temperatures, a process that produces a tantalizing taste on the palate. Red wines are fermented "on the skins" just long enough to bring out flavorful tannins and rich colors. The reds are then aged in French and American oak barrels until they are ready to be bottled.

We enjoy catering to the home wine makers with supplies and juice. We offer help to those just starting and share stories with those of you who are professionals. Having started out as a home wine maker over 20 years ago, Steve and Jared understand what it is like to make wine from scratch and offers all the help they can for new comers to the art of winemaking.

Our friendly staff at each location strives to provide excellent service and will help with anything they can, if they don't know the answer to a question, they will get it!

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If you ever have a complaint, comment or suggestion, send us an email and contact information - Steve will get back to you!

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