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Home Wine Making Supplies

We have a large supply of home wine making supplies available and in stock at each store.

Some of the items include:

  • Fresh juice in fall and 100's of juice kits all year long - including California and Australian Juices
  • Beginner kits - all the equipment needed to start a batch of wine at home
  • Carboys in various sizes, caps, airlocks, handles and accessories
  • Fermenting buckets
  • Cleaning supplies and brushes
  • Bottle drying trees
  • Fermenting kits
  • Funnels and stirrers
  • Various strains of yeast and additives
  • Bottles - all sizes and bottling supplies
  • Corks - Natural and Synthetic, Capsules, Corkers
  • Hydrometers, Testing instruments and kits
  • Additives such as tannin, acid, bi carbonate etc...
  • Wine juice kits available year round
  • Wine making books
  • Tubing cut to your length, tubing valves, hose clamps
  • ... and more!

We can order any wine kit: anything from White Zinfandel to Shiraz is available. It usually takes 3 days to arrive.

We will also have freshly picked grapes and fresh pressed juices available in the fall for home winemakers!

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