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Custom Labels

Are you looking for that special personalized touch for your wedding or special event? Are you looking for a unique holiday gift for employees and customers?

Well if you are... Antler Ridge is proud to offer Custom Labels for the holidays or your special event!

With our new labeling equipment, we can add your special words to the label of your favorite wine. We are building a library of labels that you can choose from for almost any occasion. In the center of each label, there is a large area that is reserved for your special message. You tell us what you want to say and we make it happen!

We have the capability to prepare rush orders, but our delivery trucks only run in certain areas on certain weeks, so the more notice you provide us, the easier it is for all of us.

Depending on the label you pick, we may have different matching capsules to offer you as well.

Pricing (with advanced notice)

  • up to 3 labels with wine - $2.50 each label
  • 4 to 8 labels with wine - $2.00 each label
  • 9 to 11 labels with wine - $1.50 each label
  • 1 case to 3 cases $1.00 each label
  • 4 cases to 6 cases over - $.50 each label
  • Over 6 cases - $.25 each label

You will also receive a discount on the wine if you purchase a case or more.

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