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Fresh Juices

Each fall we offer fresh grapes and juices to our home wine makers.

The fall is a very exciting and busy time at the winery. We pick grapes over the course of about 6 weeks as they mature. If you come by you might see how we process tons and tons of grapes to make our wines. Keep an eye on the web site or local newspapers for any special events that we might have to celebrate the harvest!!!!!

We do not water our juices down, you get 100% pure juice from us!

We highly recommend that customers pre-order their juice early, as juices will not be in stock for long during fall. We usually pick our grapes on Thursdays or Fridays as they mature and then we will process them that same day. The juice will then be available for pickup on Saturday and Sunday (sometimes Friday). So your juice will be very fresh; that is also how we make our wine with minimal time from the vine to the tank. We don't want to hold juice, so your prompt pickup is appreciated. Any unclaimed juice will be used by us in our winemaking operations unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Cooler fees will apply if we have to hold your juice past the pickup dates.

Some of the grapes need a little more time to ripen, so we put up a tentative schedule and it may (and probably will) change over the 6 week period. We only pick when the grapes are ready. We ask all of our customers to check our website or call when we get closer for actual dates, we update it frequently.

We have all the items necessary for making wine in stock including carboys, hydrometers, fillers, corkers, yeast, sanitizers, tannin, bottles, test kits, beginner kits etc.

We are very excited to be providing juice to those interested in winemaking and will gladly answer any questions that you may have.

Pricing and Information

Please check back in the fall for details.


If you want fresh, uncrushed grapes, send an email to Steve at and we will try to make arrangements based on availability.

We accept phone orders but we prefer email orders to help us keep track of your order and keep costs down. We will be taking orders and making commitments to everyone on a first come first served basis. We will send you a confirmation email with your guaranteed reservation. Please note that we have sold out of a number of varieties in the past.

Pickup Procedure

All orders are to be picked up at our Rome location.

We schedule juice pickups on Saturdays and Sundays (sometimes Friday). When you arrive, please go into the tasting room and pay for your juice. Once paid, bring your receipt, carboys and containers to the garage bay that has a concrete pad in front of it and someone will assist you. We have some wagons and carts available to help you carry carboys.

Please park in the lot, not at the garage doors.

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